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Reverend Raymond Jones understood the power of radio and in addition to the family's regular gospel music shows, he convinced radio station owners of the importance of daily sermons. In the 1940's and 1950's, in any town where he stayed a while, he preached a sermon every morning, inviting listeners to revival meetings and to the churches he pastored. When radio stations began charging for the time, he found local sponsors.
Reverend Jones was a "pioneering pastor" for his sect. A church was finally built only after the family had performed under a revival tent outside of town for a while, and then moved into rented space where church services were held while the pastor raised money and grew a congregation. This is the future site of the First Assembly of God Church in Americus, Georgia, built during wartime in the 1940's.
Another new church going up in another city in another state. In 1956, Reverend Raymond Jones and his wife, Sister Fern (standing at left) posed proudly with some members of the new Assembly of God Church in Bogalusa, Louisiana.
At the end of every revival campaign, and at regularly scheduled intervals wherever Reverend Jones pastored, he baptized converts in a nearby creek. Full immersion baptism was a requirement.
The preacher's kids - Donna Kaye, Leslie Ray and Nita Faye Jones outside the parsonage in Murfreesboro, Arkansas, 1952.